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Lumon’s innovative glass system allows Lākhouse residents to connect to the outdoors for an extended season.

The Canadian landscape is a striking place – expansive spaces, spectacular views, unparalleled nature, extraordinary lakes, all accompanied by a climate that renders them a challenge to enjoy for anyone except the bravest of adventurers six months a year. Convertible cars and outdoor swimming pools, backyard living rooms complete with elegant furnishings, these things have not typically been our domain, until now.

Advances in innovation and technology are shifting the boundaries of what is possible in the Canadian climate. At Lākhouse, that’s coming to life with Lumon, an advanced balcony glazing system that extends the realm of your living space to the very edge of your home.

A Crystal-Clear Solution Extends the Season

Welcome to your room with the ultimate view.

Lumon, one of the world’s most sophisticated glazing manufacturers, has created a state-of-the-art glazing system that extends the season of outdoor living for even more months of the year. Frameless retractable glass extends from railing to roof on every Lākhouse balcony, providing protection from the elements without sacrificing the breathtaking lakefront views.

When closed, the look is beautifully refined, providing shelter from rain, wind, dust, heat and snow. Relax with the rhythm of the rain and a glass of your favourite red when the heavens open up. Avoid the nuisance of cleaning up after a night of strong winds, or the blowing leaves off autumn trees. Stay comfortably ensconced and protected, or, when you want to feel the gentle breeze, the panels fold open or move aside one at a time, for an infinite spectrum of access to the outdoors.

Effortless Operation and Easy Maintenance

Lumon’s glazing system is as effortless as it is beautiful. The glass panels slide away one at a time, then fold to tuck away with a handle similar to a car door handle, creating open, unobstructed vistas of the lake. To clean, simply apply any non-abrasive glass cleaner and be sure to vacuum the tracks from time to time to keep the panels sliding smoothly.

All of this means a more enjoyable, more complete experience of life on the lake. From beautifully designed interiors to private balconies with mesmerizing views, Lākhouse includes all the refined features and thoughtful details that let you enjoy the great Canadian lifestyle more than ever before.

Come discover the natural luxury of lakeside living in a contemporary resort-inspired condominium located on the shores of Lake Simcoe. Register today at lakhouse.ca.

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