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A moment of breathtaking beauty. Elemental and exquisite. There’s a way of life on the water – a natural balance to the ebb and flow of all that is around. Simply pure and essentially vibrant.


The natural luxury of lakeside living. Lākhouse is a contemporary, 10-storey resort-inspired condominium idyllically located on the shores of Lake Simcoe in the vibrant city of Barrie. LEARN MORE
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A life filled with tranquility and vitality. Living at Lākhouse offers an abundance of luxurious amenities that inspire a particular quality of life. Enjoy stunning indoor spaces that welcome, energize, rejuvenate and celebrate an aspirational lifestyle. Outside, step onto an expansive terrace just steps to the lake, that lets you live your best life in a canoe, kayak or stand up board. LEARN MORE
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Quintessential style that’s natural and functional. Beautifully designed suites engage all your senses with simple, clean Scandinavian-inspired details that create an organic flow to living. LEARN MORE
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A Lakefront Location for Inspired Living

Blue skies, a warm breeze, sunshine on the water, and a vibrancy of life that surrounds and ...

The Watermain Event

The Lākhouse team is excited to announce that our watermain relocation work on Dunlop Street East ...

Award-winning AALTO Development continues to fill ...

Continually at the cutting edge of bold design and innovative real estate projects, AALTO ...


It is the combination of unique vision, talent, and drive that comes together to create the enviable lifestyle that is Lākhouse. The groundbreaking team at Aalto Developments lead the inspiration with a philosophy that recognizes the importance of where you live, impacts how you live. LEARN MORE
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