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Gather in a location like no other

Similar to the ebb and flow of the water, a quality that connects you to this unique community is the desire to lead a balanced lifestyle. A shared time and place in your life where priorities shift and the focus on ease and enjoyment becomes clear. The perfect place – one that celebrates a life balanced by tranquility and vitality. As one of Canada’s fastest growing centres, Barrie is committed to securing its reputation as a vibrant cultural hotspot and has made major improvement investment in the city’s lakefront (Dunlop Street Improvement), making it inviting, and accessible to all. The city has approved its high-rise zoning and will be developing quickly, making now the perfect time for those looking to live outside the GTA, and make a great investment in their future.

Easy and breezy carefree living

There’s an intrinsic quality to time and having more of it to live your life to the fullest. At Lākhouse, you will join a friendly community of people who also value this way of life. Whether you’re entertaining inside your well-appointed suite, relaxing by the fire in the Party Room, enjoying the views from the Rooftop Terrace, submerged in the Whirlpool in the Fitness Studio, leaving the Lakefront Terrace to go out for a walk on the North Trail or learning to keep your kayak afloat, you’ll fall in love with the location, the landscape, and the lifestyle with a true sense of local culture and community. Celebrate the freedom of choice, convenience and comfort in an environment designed to complement your lifestyle.

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